Australia Day - January 26th

Australia Day - January 26th

  • Draw or write who you believe should get Australian of the year and why

  • Find out what your community is doing for Australia day

  • Design and create a trophy or an award for the winner of Australian of the year

  • As a class, discuss what you could do, to assist Australia on Australia day. For example clean up rubbish in community or the school

  • Construct your own Australian flag with pictures that symbolize Australia and note why you chose the symbols.

  • Write a poem about Australia and what it means to you

  • Research the floral and animal emblems of each State

  • Make damper or lamingtons

  • Create a poster of things which have come to symbolise Australia Eg Opera House, Ayers Rock

  • Read "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox and identify the typically Australian Food mentioned

  • Invite a member of the community who may have received an award on Australia Day to talk about his/her life and achievements

  • Write an acrostic poem for Australia Day

  • Make a list of typically Australian colloquialisms, symbols or images eg: "mate" "you beauty" meat pies, Holden cars etc.

  • Research the significance of Australia Day


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