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Living Things and the Seasons

In this unit, the students will investigate the seasons. They will investigate the reason why we experience the seasons and they will design and make a simple model to show the position of the Earth and the Sun during at least one of the seasons. They will then investigate the ways that some plants and animals respond to the seasons. They will conduct a test to show that seeds germinate in Spring when the temperature is warmer. They will also conduct a test to show that the temperature under ground is lower than that on the surface. They will use this information to understand that some desert animals respond to the heat in Summer by digging holes and lying underground. The students will investigate the reasons why leaves change colour in Autumn. They will explore how some animals slow down their metabolism and conserve energy in colder temperatures. They will do this by observing how a goldfish responds in colder water.

11 Sessions
Content Strand:
Living Things, Earth and its Environment
Word Document
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