What is Primary Programs Plus?

Primary Programs Plus has been developed by experienced and well-qualified primary teachers to provide fellow teachers with their total programming resource. We provide you with access to quality programs across all subjects.

Members receive added benefits to make their teaching lives a little easier and to ensure they maximise the use of this network of dedicated educationalists.

The philosophy behind the programs' development is to provide teachers with a sequence of teaching and learning experiences which build upon each other to form a cohesive series of lessons.

A wide range of programs, across all subjects based on the Australian National Curriculum and the New South Wales Board of Studies curriculum, are available for immediate download. They have been developed by well-qualified and experienced teachers and successfully implemented in the classroom.

All programs are available as a synopsis so that you can judge their relevance to your current teaching, before your buy. You simply choose the ones you want, pay for these online and within minutes you will receive them by email. They are in a format that can be downloaded quickly and readily modified to suit your needs.

And we stand behind our product, with a guarantee of your money back if you are not satisfied in any way.

The site has been developed independent of other publication houses so that you receive only quality programs without an ulterior motive of selling other products.

How do I order?

  • Select the curriculum, either National or NSW, and then the year / stage in which you are currently teaching
  • Choose the appropriate subject
  • View a list of the available program titles
  • On selection, a synopsis of the unit will be displayed (including duration and a brief description)
  • If the programs suits your needs click the "Add to cart" button
  • You will then see a pop up saying "go to check out or continue browsing" Click on "go to check out" to proceed to the checkout
  • Review your shopping cart, click "proceed to check out"
  • Then you will be taken to a secure page where you enter your billing details. You can then choose to use your credit card or by school order.
  • On payment verification your selected programs will be emailed to you immediately.
  • Enjoy your time off - send us a postcard!!

How do I receive the program?

After submitting your order and when your credit card transaction has been approved, an email will be sent containing the PP+ Programs you ordered. Open the word document attached to the email and save it to your hard drive. You are now ready to make any changes to the programs so that it suits the needs of your students.

Can I view a sample program?

Yes, we have sample programs available for you to view. Sample programs can be viewed before adding a program to the shopping cart. 

How much does it cost and what guarantees do you give?

Your time is valuable. PP+ gives you back your time for a fraction of its value.

Our programs are priced affordably because it is our goal, as teachers, to help teachers. Each quality program, which will provide you with teaching and learning experiences related to that subject, is priced as follows:

  • English             $20.00
  • Maths                $2.00
  • Other KLAs      $15.00
  • Integrated        $25.00

These expenses should be tax deductible for you. Retain your receipt for tax purposes.

Members will receive a discount on these prices, plus the additional benefits available to them:

  • 10% off your total price when you pay over $50
  • 15% off your total price when you pay over $65  
  • 20% off your total price when you pay over $80


Our programs have been developed by well-qualified and experienced teachers and have been successfully implemented in the classroom. We at PP+ pride ourselves on their quality. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the programs you have purchased, please contact us within 7 days of their receipt and we will arrange a refund.

Is it safe to send my credit card details over the internet?

Yes it is. Your credit card information is only available to secure banking processes. The website is controlled and secured 24 hours a day.

"Online shopping with a credit card is no more risky than giving your card details to a mail-order merchant over the phone or handing your card to a salesperson or waiter"
Australian Consumers' Association

How do I order a PP+CD?

To order a PP+ CD simply choose the year / stage level at which you are currently teaching and select the PP+ ON CD button. Choose the PP+ CD that you would like and go to the checkout. In the checkout area, you will find an “order notes” box. Simply enter the address that you would like the CD sent to and complete the payment section. The CD will be sent to you within 48 hours.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Our convenient on-line payment service uses secure encryption technology to process your payment by credit card.Simply follow the instructions at the checkout to process your payment and your programs will be emailed to you immediately.

If you do not wish to access this convenient on-line payment service, please complete the details requested at the Checkout, print using your browser's print button and:

* Mail to PP+ at 5 Woodland Street, Balgowlah Heights NSW 2093 together with your cheque.
We will email your selected programs to you after processing your payment.

Schools that require the issue of an invoice prior to payment, please follow the instructions at the checkout.As soon as the school details have been verified, we will email your programs to you. An invoice will be sent to you which is required to be paid within 7 days of receipt of your programs.

Our banking details are also provide on the invoice so customers are able to pay directly into our bank account.


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