National Curriculum Australia

The national curriculum Australia refers to the new standardized format of education in both primary and secondary levels. Governed by an independent authority known as the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), there are now far more stringent standards in place when it comes to teaching.

Primary school teachers in particular, need to be paying close attention to the Australian National Curriculum, particularly when purchasing pre-written primary school programs. In this case, it is highly important that all primary school programs purchased adhere with the new National Curriculum in Australia in order to prevent the compromise of young student’s education.

At Primary Programs Plus, we have been following the development and implementation of the National Curriculum in Australia closely, and furthermore have worked hard on developing our standards of production in order to be able to produce new lesson plans that tie in perfectly with the expected standards of education.

Our programs follow the Australian National CurriculumNational Curriculum Australia

When you purchase your primary school teaching resources from Primary Programs Plus, you can rest assured that all academic content is written in alignment with the standards as dictated by the new National Curriculum in Australia.

As the National Curriculum Australia continues to unfurl in stages throughout the duration of 2011, the team here at Primary Programs Plus is constantly monitoring, reviewing and updating primary school lesson plans in order to maintain validity and relevancy with these new standards. On our website, we have introduced a national curriculum (Australia) section containing all primary school lesson plans developed to the new standards. In addition, we have also added a state category that contains primary school programs aligned specifically to the standards set in the NSW Education Curriculum.

Rest assured that as the Australian government continues to roll out updates to the national curriculum of Australia, in addition to the NSW state curriculum, Primary Programs Plus is monitoring the developments of both extremely closely and we will continue to update and adjust our primary school lesson plans accordingly.


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