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What are the Olympic Games?

In this unit, the students will investigate the 2012 Olympic Games. They will identify when and where the Olympic Games will be held and locate London on a world map. They will listen to a passage about the history of the games and identify when and where the games have been held in the past. They will use this information to create a timeline. They will also create a poster advertising the 2012 Olympic Games. The students will become familiar with the names of some of the countries participating in the Olympic Games and they will complete fact files on these countries. They will brainstorm past and present Australian athletes and they will research information about an athlete of their choice. They will then work with a partner to create a mock interview with this athlete. The students will identify the events that take place at the Olympic Games. They will research one event and write a procedure on how to participate in this event. Each student will be given a copy of the Olympic games schedule. They will then use this schedule to create a timetable for a day at the games. The students will view an Olympic event. They will create uniforms, medals and flags and then recreate this event, including an award ceremony.
18 Sessions
Content Strand:
English, Maths, HSIE, CAPA P.D, Health and P.E
Word Document
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