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Which Group Do You Belong To?

In this unit, the students will investigate the groups that they belong to. They will examine the class as a group that they all belong to and will investigate the features of this group. They will identify a group that they belong to and will create a presentation to share with others describing the features of this group. The students will explore special events associated with groups and will work together to create a dramatisation of a news report covering a special event. The students will then look at the importance of rules within groups, enabling the members of the group to co-operate. They will construct a consequence chart showing what would happen if there weren’t any rules in a particular group that they belong to.  The students will then investigate groups which people in the wider community belong to. They will create profiles for people they interview and will classify them according to the type of group that they belong to. Finally the students will examine the natural and built places in the community where people meet their groups. They will create a map of the local area and will identify these places with a tag.

10 Sessions
Content Strand:
Culture, Environments, Social Systems and Structures
Word Document
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